How do bids work?

A bid is the price you will pay per thousand visitors. For interstitial and banner ads, this would be the cost per thousand impressions (CPM). Since bids are individual and targeted towards a specific country, you can setup as many bids as you prefer in order to get the best value out of our advertising marketplace.

Targeting can also help you reach your audience, whether desktop or mobile. We support individual targeting for Android and iOS so that mobile platforms can reach the audience you need and pay the price that you want.

Priority is always given to the top bidder. At any time you may outbid another advertiser to have your campaign become the first served for each visitor that matches your targets. At any time you may be outbid, but your advertisement will still show for any return visitors. We track every campaign viewed by a visitor and only show unique advertisements. This ensures that your advertisement is given a fresh impression and that your campaigns are immune to spammers and bots.

Advertisers, campaigns, and bids are all subject to review and may be revoked at any time for circumstances that are intended to deceive, cheat, or exploit our marketplace. No refunds are granted under any circumstances and all campaigns must be approved before bids will become activated.

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