Binbox API (beta)

Using our API is an easy way to earn money through referrals. Each user is given a specific API URL as well as a global API URL for anybody who wants to use our API without an account. By using your API URL, other people can make pastes and you'll earn a percentage of the earnings.

There are two SDKs available for JavaScript and PHP (coming soon) to assist your development.


API requests can be returned in the format of your choosing: XML or JSON. In the following documentation, $format should be replaced with "json" or "xml."

Creating a Paste



  • data
    • Base64-encoded string of a JSON-object containing the parameters of the encrypted paste contents. Encryption is performed by Stanford Javascript Crypto Library. For more information see How to Encrypt a Paste.
  • title (optional)
    • Plain text title
    • Defaults to "Untitled"
  • use_survey (optional)
    • Enables (1) or disables (0) the survey feature for this link.
    • Default is disabled.
  • folder (optional)
    • Specify id of the folder where this link should be stored.
    • Default is primary folder (0). A JSON-encoded list of your folders can be found here:


{"ok": true, "id": "VV8cu"}
{"ok": false, "error": "invalid_encryption"}

Retrieving a Paste

Pastes can be retrieved in either JSON or XML format with the paste's ID (random character string) and for the URL's extension, choose the delivery format.



      "timestamp":"2013-06-27 17:58:32"

Encrypting a Paste

To encrypt a paste you must use our JavaScript SDK.