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Our rates are unlimited and among the best of our competitors. With more traffic our rates will increase. Earn up to $4 per 1,000 visitors.

Everyday is Payday

You don’t have to wait for automatic payments. Request a withdrawal and receive your earnings whenever you want. Get paid with PayPal or Bitcoin

Privacy in Your Control

We encrypt your pastes with a password, to hide from bots and unwanted prying eyes. The password is never sent to our servers.

Monitor Your Traffic

Our analytics track your web traffic in real time so you can watch your earnings grow. Take full control of your pastes and maximize your earnings.

Earn More When You Refer

Refer a friend to our site and you will receive a bonus. You will earn 20% of every $10 they earn. That’s $2 of free earnings just for referring that affiliate.

API, Widgets, & Scripts

It’s easier to earn more with our API and Widgets so you can embed Binbox on your website or blog. Scripts make it easier to share and get paid.

The Dashboard – Built for Publishers

Binbox offers a lot of power and options under the hood, all practical and user friendly. Our dashboard provides an intuitive sharing experience that lets you feel in control of your earnings. Keep track of your visitor’s traffic and cash flow. Discover where your traffic comes from and where you’re earning the most. Manage your pastes, earnings, and more by keeping tabs on your referrals and scheduling withdrawals.

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Advertise on Binbox

Maximize your potential by advertising on Binbox. We allow you to choose where your ads show up and how much you spend. Bid on an ad spot by choosing how much you want to pay per thousand impressions and limit how much you spend by choosing when you want your ads to show up. Target your audience by country and source.

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Don't bother with waiting. Request your earnings anytime. When you reach at least $5 in earnings you may schedule a withdrawal. No need to wait for an automatic payment, get paid when you want. If you want to wait, you can set an automatic threshold and you will be paid every month that your balance meets your desired amount.


Reasons why you’ll love Binbox:

Insanely Hot Rates

Earn more when you share links with Binbox.
Our rates are unlimited and grow over time.

Faster Payments

Receive your earnings when you want: wait for automatic payments or schedule a withdrawal.

Total Privacy

Keep your pastes secure from bots and unwanted prying eyes while you earn.

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“Binbox is one of the best services on the web to earn money online.
They’ve always paid since it opened in 2013 and never delayed a payment.”
– Luca (one of first 1000 users)